NordRitt (english)

NordRitt offers everyone who is interested in horse riding and in the wilder regions of the Swedish countryside an opportunity to explore on horseback the forest and wilderness of Svartedalen (The Black Valley) nature reserve. Our horses are equipped with American, western-style, harness and saddles.

I who run NordRitt, am Pia Nilsson, and I´m your guide on the tours. I have many years of experience in the classic style of riding and in handling horses. I am well acquainted with guiding and with the wildlife both in Sweden and Canada.

NordRitt´s business philosophy consists of creating an environment for ourselves, our horses and our customers, in close harmony with natural, outdoor conditions. Our motto is simplicity and quality. Our Northern-Swedish horses are bred for living outdoors all year round. We are convinced they benefit most from spending as much time as possible outdoors, in a herd and living in accord with their natural instincts.

The groups are kept small, which helps foster an easy, congenial atmosphere and increases safety. Good food and pleasant times round the campfire add to this feeling of congeniality we have at NordRitt.

Our Riding Tours

NordRitt’s business is unique to the region. We offer, all the year round, both to private individuals and to business personnel, no matter their degree of knowledge, a time of relaxation and stimulation of all the senses.

Our concept is built on total experience where we offer beautiful natural surroundings, learning opportunities, good food and a feeling of adventure.

Svartedalen (The Black Valley), an area unique to this part of the country, is classified as the last wilderness in the West Sweden region. Our routes take you through several thousand acres of large forest combined with swamplands, hundreds of lakes and wonderful woodland trails.

We organize everything from two-hour treks to trips lasting several days and custom-made tours for those of you who want something special.

Every spring and autumn our whole-day adventures come round when we ride our horses to and from their summer work.

Nordsvensken (The Northern Swedish Horse)

We´ve chosen to work with the dynamic Nordsvensken (The Northern Swedish horse). The reason being its strength and stability and that its biological nature is perfectly suited to what the Nordic terrain and climate has to offer. They’re also brilliant at manoeuvring forcefully but elegantly through our sometimes awkward landscape.

The ”Nordsvensken” is a native breed that, according to Jordbruksverkets (the farming industry’s) list, is a threatened species in Sweden today. In olden days these horses were of critical importance to farming and forestry. Nowadays they are still used for hauling timber. Moreover they are creatures possessing great qualities of approachability and an incredible amount of charm.

Svartedalen (The Black Valley)

Svartedalen, in the Bohuslän district, is a distinctly elevated tract of countryside close to the coast. It is one of south-west Sweden’s most coherent areas of forest and wilderness.

It is situated on an 1800 million year old plateau of ancient Archaean rock. The rolling terrain is excitingly varied, pine being the dominant tree. A large part of land is set aside as a nature reserve, the purpose being to protect all that is worth conserving, the fascinating bird life, the flora and fauna. Furthermore, a great deal of interesting cultural history is preserved in this territory.

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